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PGB White Crane Kung Fu

Traditional Chinese-Indonesian Kung Fu in San Francisco

White Crane Kung Fu - San Francisco
Annual belt test - 10/22/16. Photo by Bessma Khalaf


PGB White Crane is a martial arts practice that traces its roots to the temple kung fu of Shaolin, Wudang, and Shandong. Our local branch in San Francisco offers adult classes every Saturday from 10am-12pm in Noe Valley. Learn to develop and improve your physical health, strength, flexibility, balance and grace alongside other dedicated practitioners in a welcoming, collaborative community.


Each class you can roughly expect a combination of:
  • Warmup and stretching
  • Physical conditioning and gymnastics
  • Short movements - The building blocks of the system which incorporate a variety of strikes, blocks, kicks, and sweeps.
  • Partner work - Includes sensitivity and spatial awareness exercises, self-defense applications, and sparring
  • Long movements - Short movements are combined into choreographed long movements that train balance, timing, and grace. Long movements are classified into different systems associated with animals, plants, other natural phenomena, and sacred Buddhist figures
  • Post-class lunch/beers/tea and social time on 24th st!

Take a look at a documentary project from one of our students who traveled to our center in West Java. This chapter takes a deep dive into our sparring style, called "tui cu":

Here is a closer look at some weapons practice and other conditioning:


Cheryl Fralick

Cheryl has studied PGB Silat since 1986. Her passion for teaching children for 8+ years helped form training ideas that had to be kept fun and interesting. It is exciting to watch people find the connection to their body and enjoy the martial arts movement system of our school.

In addition to overseeing the SF cabang, Cheryl teaches Tao Kung, our health system, in the East Bay on Sunday mornings. Tao kung cultivates body awareness and overall physical and mental health, which are just a few of the many benefits of our PGB White Crane Silat School.

White Crane Kung Fu - San Francisco

Ross Chapman

Ross started training PGB Bangau Putih in 2006 with the Boston Cabang and has around 10 years of total experience. After moving to the Bay Area in 2007 he has continued training with PGB groups in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco and has spent more than half a year of his career training directly under Grandmaster Gunawan Rahardja and other senior trainers in Bogor. In the summer 2017 Ross became certified as an assistant trainer at the head training center in Bogor. Ross is grateful to have found a martial art where practitioners value community as much as the technique and personal development. The rest of the week Ross works at Eventbrite as a software engineer.



All levels of experience and body conditioning welcome! You are invited to jump into training right away, though we encourage you to visit and watch a class before joining.


The first class is free, and first month is 50% off. Then it's $50/month or $20/drop-in. Typically we have class 4 times a month but close for major holidays.

Note: monthly dues allow you to visit any PGB class in the Bay Area at a discount of $5/drop-in.

Financial assistance may be available upon request. To inquire, email us at


Loose fitting workout clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty on the floor.


Get in touch

Say hello to us at or (415) 347-6662 (though email is better)

PGB White Crane Kung Fu White Crane Kung Fu - San Francisco

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